School challenges

Highly recommend Megan! She has helped our 7 year old with eating lunch at school (I had no idea kinesiology could help with this!) - he hasn't done so for 2 years so we are so grateful to see he now is.

Thank you Megan!

B.R, Ashburton, Jan 2018


Megan is such a genuinely caring and compassionate person who just wants the best for whoever is lying on her table. 

My son and I both see Megan - she is great; patient gentle and explains everything along the way. 

I would (and do) recommend Megan for adults and children alike. 

L & M  M, Hartwell,  Sept 2018 

Clearer thinking

I know Megan personally, so when she set up her business I wanted only to support her. Megan is a genuinely caring, down to earth and positive person and doesn't get involved in something unless she feels passionate about it. I knew nothing about nor had any interest in kinesiology, and was feeling a touch apprehensive about what effect it might have on me. However, after my first treatment all that changed.

I asked Megan if we could work on slowing my mind and to get better at relaxing, and to not always feel the need to be doing something. Megan immediately put me at ease, explaining what kinesiology is all about and what was going to happen in our session. 

At the end of the session I was completely relaxed and would have been happy to lie there all day. The next day at work I felt calm, clear-headed and happy. Little things didn't worry me and I enjoyed taking a bit of time out to chat with my work colleagues.

I have continued to see Megan for enjoyable and effective sessions. I am now convinced there is something special about kinesiology, and that Megan works in a modality for which she is perfected suited.

J. J. Carlton, March 2018

On Line booking

Neck Pain

 Recently I suffered from a stiff and sore neck mostly due to sitting at a computer for too long. I had previously tried other treatments such as massage and osteo but decided to give Kinesiology a try. Megan was very professional and informative from start to finish, explaining what Kinesiology was and how she planned on treating my neck pain. I found that the treatment not only relieved my stiff, sore neck but it also delved deeper, working with the subconscious and conscious mind to resolve other issues that I didn't realise were there. After her treatment I found I was not only pain free but also much more relaxed and contented. Megan is an exceptional practitioner and I would highly recommend her services to anyone.

C.B, Melbourne, Dec 2017

Holistic approach

 My naturopath recommended I see Megan to complete a holistic approach to  my health and wellness, as I was suffering from a range of health issues.

I had heard about kinesiology but had never had a treatment, but immediately Megan made me feel comfortable and first gave me an excellent explanation as to the goals and methodology of treatments.

I've always believed in the power of the mind body and soul all being connected, but through Megan's treatment I have been able to very successfully connect all three together, better than ever before.

Megan genuinely cares about her patients and I highly recommend her and kinesiology as a great way to achieve excellent health and wellness break-throughs.

K.J, Central, Hong Kong, May 2017

Knee Pain

  To be perfectly honest I was initially extremely sceptical about kinesiology and doubted if it could help me, after all millions of women suffer from hot flushes

However after my first session with Megan my night flushes stopped completely and the daytime ones decreased in both frequency and intensity. After two weeks the night flushes resumed, not as intensely as before but they were back. I visited Megan again and the night flushes stopped again, just as though a switch had been turned off! 

This pattern continued until about my fourth visit since when I have had NO more night flushes at all!! 

I have been visiting a physiotherapist for the last 10 months with knee pain that has at times been completely debilitating. I was getting some improvement with physio but still walking with a limp and in a lot of pain at night. At my last session with Megan she worked on my leg. I was completely amazed to get up to leave and my limp had disappeared! Even better is that it has not returned and the night pain has vanished. I am back walking 10,000 + steps a day and back to Pilates class. 

I have no idea how Kinesiology works but am extremely happy to report that it certainly has for me.I have found in Megan a very professional, empathetic practitioner to whom I will return and will definitely recommend to friends to visit.

S.P, Discovery Bay, Hong Kong, Feb 2017

Autoimmune Disease

 I have been using Megan for nine months now, after having little success with traditional medicine.

In that time, Megan has helped immensely with my autoimmune problems, fatigue and chronic UTIs .

I have more energy and no insomnia. Megan is a wonderful listener, unjudgemental, approachable, knowledgable and she cares! 

I look forward to our weekly sessions and couldn't recommend her more highly.

S.C, Hong Kong, Nov 2016

Preparing for Surgery

I came to see Megan on a Monday... So stressed... About halfway thru the session I felt like a weight lifted and I still feel that way today, Thursday. You have magic hands and a magic heart.

A.R. Glen Waverley  Sept, 2018